Member of the Union of Artists of Russia

Sofya Yechina was born in 1990 in Goryachie Klyuchi on Iturup, the largest of the Kuril Islands, USSR.
Her first solo exhibition took place in 2010 in Kursk, Russia. In 2010 Sofya became a Member of Young People’s Association of the Union of Artists in Russia, and in 2012 she became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia (as well as member of UNESCO’s “International Association of Art”). The same year she completed her studies at the University of Kursk with a Bachelor of Arts.
In 2014 Sofya got the art scholarship in Speyer, Germany and started her career in Western Europe. Since this time she got a couple of solo exhibitions (Treiber gallery, Vienna, 2015), (Rathaus Schifferstadt, Germany, 2017), and group shows in Europe. For the last 5 years she has been also working with international jazz festivals as a painter.
Sofya works mainly in oil and acrylic, but also uses other techniques such as oil pastel and charcoal. She has exhibited her artwork mainly in Germany, Austria, Russia and Serbia. Pictures by Sofya Yechina are in the ownership of the state museums in Russia (Belgorod State Museum), Museum of Naive art «Illianum», Sid, Serbia, in official collection of Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis, Germany, and in private collections in Russia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Finland, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2010 – 5th Open Interregional Student Artwork Festival “Archiperspektiva-2010”, Award certificate in category “Painting”, Russia
2011 – 6th Open Interregional Student Artwork Festival “Archiperspektiva-2011”, Award certificate in category “Painting”, Russia
2012 – Interregional festival of modern culture «Artparad», First Prize award certificate in category “Visual art”, Russia
2012 – Interregional Modern Awards «Image of Motherland», First Prize award certificate in category “Painting”, Russia
2014 – Interregional Modern Awards «Freedom of creation » dedicated to K. Malevich, First Prize award certificate in category “Composition”, Russia
2014 – International scholarship of art, Speyer, Germany
Personal exhibitions:
2011 – Personal exhibition, Kursk, Russia
2013 – Personal exhibition, Kursk, Russia
2014 – Personal exhibition «Along the rivers», Speyer, Germany
2015 – Personal exhibition “Erinnerte Landschaften”, Vienna, Austria
2016 – International exhibition «Four words about peace» Belgorod, Russia
2017 – Personal exhibition, Schifferstadt, Germany
2018 – Personal exhibition “In search of a place”, Laufer art Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
Main group exhibitions:
2010 – All-Russian Art exhibition “Young Artists of Russia”, Moscow, Russia
2011 – Interregional exhibition dedicated to 100th anniversary of canonization of Belgorod bishop St. Joseph the Wonderworker, Belgorod, Russia
2011 – International Open Festival of Arts dedicated to memory of Stanislaw Kosenkov, Belgorod, Russia
2012 – Interregional exhibition «Artist and model», Belgorod, Russia
2013 – International Open Festival of Arts “Prochorovskoe pole”, Belgorod, Russia
2013 – 1st Interregional exhibition of Orel, Belgorod and Kursk’s artists.
2013 – All-Russian exhibition “Sport”, Kazan, Russia
2013 – XI Interregional exhibition «Artists from the central part of Russia», Lipetsk, Russia
2014 – Fourth Belgorod International Open Festival of Arts dedicated to memory of Stanislaw Kosenkov, Belgorod, Russia
2015 – Interregional exhibition to the memory of Alexander Deyneka, Kursk, Russia
2015 – Interregional exhibition «Memory», dedicated to the memory of Unknown Soldier, Kursk, Russia
2015 – Group exhibition, Rheinphalz, Germany
2016 – All-Russian exhibition of Young Artists «Youth of Russia», Moscow, Russia.
2016 – Group exhibition “Myths”, Vienna, Austria
2016 – Interregional exhibition of Kursk artists dedicated to 80-years anniversary of Union of Arts organization, Moscow, Russia
2016 – International exhibition “Zwischen Donau und Rhein”, Vienna, Austria
2017- International exhibition «Byzantine», Belgrade, Serbia
2018 – Action painting «Jazz», Ludwigshafen, Germany
2018 – International art symposium “Art and paper”, Cacak,Serbia
2018 – International art symposium, Sid, Serbia
2018 – International art symposium, Bjielina, Bosnia and Hercegovina
2018 – International film festival “Power of the soul’, Serbia
2018 – International exhibition “Dialogs”, Cacak, Serbia
2019 – “Affordable Art Fair”, Milan, Italy

For the last 4 years Sofya Yechina participated in different art colonies and residencies in Russia, Serbia, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Sofya has been a resident of Belgrade for the past year and is introducing Serbia’s landscapes and faces into her art. Represented by Laufer Art Gallery.

+ 381 61 6504 074
Skype: Sofiayechina
Instagram: @sofya_yechina_art